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I'm usually called 'The Transcendent Flesh', but you can call me Bob.
I'm into software (especially Free and Open Source Software). I also enjoy music and philosophy, so if you want talk about this stuff (or if you just want to talk in general) feel free to contact me at any of the platforms on the 'About' page.

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Dealgorithmizing my life - 3


This is going to be my last blog post on this topic. I’ve been dealgorithmizing for more than a week now, and as with anything, there were highs and lows in the process. The idea of dealgorithmization has matured a little more in head over this period of time. I realized that I had no real reason to hate every single algorithm (since that would just be stupid); it was the unproductive algorithms I had a problem with. Part of what makes this problem hard is the definition of “productivity”. It means something different for everyone, and calling something “unproductive” is entirely subjective. Most people have the same notion about YouTube’s algorithms, which is that they are unproductive and more often than not, lead to long sessions of binge-watching your favorite YouTube series or your favorite creator’s content on the platform. But for a YouTuber/streamer, this wouldn’t really be unproductive as it could as a teaching tool for them to improve/diversify their content, or for commentary channels, as the fuel to keep the channel going.


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